Monday, June 14, 2010

Chic Hair Salon

My long, thick hair has been feeling heavy and looking shapeless, and a haircut is long overdue. I always dreaded getting a haircut here after one too many unsatisfactory results, i.e. layered too thin or no change at all, but "hair always grows back anyway" as Pin, who introduced me to Chic Hair Salon, quipped.

So off I went to get a trim from Selina, the female half of the haircutting duo in charge of the Korean salon. She's a little too serious and didn't bother with small talk as she was so busy going from one customer to the next, and this I loved. Small talk with hairdressers always made me queasy. She used a layering technique not unlike that used by hairdressers in Hair Do, the Japanese salon in HK where I normally get my haircut. She also seemed to know what she was doing, from cutting to blow drying. And the best part, the cut only cost Php 350. One downside in the whole experience was the uncomfortable shampoo station, but it's really a small price to pay to get a decent and affordable haircut.

After: Trim with some layers which was exactly what I wanted
Blow dry with volume and waves courtesy of Selina, who's too shy to have her picture taken
Chic Hair Salon is located in Unit 203 Continental Court Condominium, #47 Annapolis St., Greenhills. 7211359.

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